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Grant programs improve access for non-profits

Alberta non-profit organizations will have a clearer path to funding as a result of changes to two primary Community Grant programs - the Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) and the Community Initiatives Program (CIP).

Community Facility Enhancement Program 

This program helps support construction and renovation of public-use community facilities. Two distinct grant funding streams have been established.

  • the Small Funding Stream provides a maximum of $125,000 in project support.
  • the new Large Funding Stream will support projects of more than $125,000 to a maximum of $1 million. 

Community Initiatives Program

  • A new Major Cultural and Sport Events stream will support national and international events with significant community benefit, such as boosting the local economy and helping tourism grow. A maximum grant of $250,000 will be available to eligible applicants.
  • Funding of the International Development grant stream has been increased to help Alberta-based non-profits involved in international development projects and also to address growing program demand.

Guidelines and applications have been updated to reflect the changes and are available online at: culture.alberta.ca/community/community-grants

The new approach comes into effect on December 15 to allow applicants to fully benefit from  the positive changes, such as increased hourly rates for donated labour. 

The changes stem from an extensive internal review of the Community Grants program and discussions with non-profit-sector partners and previous grant recipients. 

The review highlighted the fact that Community Grants programs provide equitable distribution of funding across the province to help stimulate local economic activity, and that funding programs are flexible, simple, and support community infrastructure.